What are AbleDOCS?

The PMW AbleDocs are a library of tools available through the PMW ToolSuite and accessible through the PMW FieldGuide. 

The PMW AbleDOCS library includes the broad resource categories of:

  • Able_Sheets
  • Able_Forms
  • Able_Surveys
Peer MentorngWorks Logo with AbleDocs underneath.

These Accessible Tools include but are not limited to Fact Sheets, Resource Sheets, Fillable Forms, Spread Sheets, and Survey Forms. 

They may be used by Peer Mentors and Peer Mentoring Coordinators to support integration of service administration with peer mentoring provision.

Accessible Forms, Docs & Sheets 

PMW AbleDOCS are download-able; edit-able; save-able; share-able; print-able; and email-able and are available to be customized to support the administration and provision of peer mentoring.

The expanding library of Documents, Forms, Fact Sheets, and Resources are available to the PMW CoP through the PMW  FieldGuide and may be accessed through the mobile or web App.

PMW AbleDOCS Objectives:

Program Fidelity and Direct Service Delivery

The Library of PMW AbleDOCS are available to be customized for Peer Mentoring Programs. These tools are designed to provide Fidelity and Agency to the provision of peer mentoring support for Youth, Students and Young Adults with disabilities transitioning to employment and independence. 

State or Program specific resources may be added to the PMW FieldGuide to support program goals and objectives. 

The PMW TechCTR is available to work with agencies and providers to customize the Library of AbleDOCS tools to meet your program’s goals and administration.