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Welcome to Camp NetWorx! Citi Bank in partnership with IndependenceWorks and Peer MentoringWorks is inviting you to participate in a Virtual Camp of discovery, adventure, and storytelling. Thank you for completing Part I and Part II of your registration. It is now time to complete the final part of the pre-admission activities to Camp NetWorx to enhance your personal camper profile. Work with your mentor with IndependenceWorks to complete this part of the camp registration. Complete as much of the registration as you can but you will be able to return to this form and continue to add as needed. 

Participation in this pre-camp activity will allow you to fully participate in the camp. The primary goals of Camp NetWorx are to discover and explore skills to re-create your social, community, and professional profile to advance your transition to independence and employment. 

Let’s have fun and create an experience to remember. Pack your virtual backpack with your camp essentials and prepare to join your fellow campers around the virtual campfire. 

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Camp NetWorx! Discovery, Adventure, and Storytelling

Camp Essentials Document Uploads

Upload Your “My Camp Favorites” document (required): Edit and use the “My Camp Favorites” template to get you thinking about who you are in preparation for camp activities.

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Upload Your Resume (optional): A resume is not all you are but is typically what employers see before even meeting you. Include your resume to share your experience with Camp NetWorx team.

Camp Essentials Photo Uploads

For each category below, upload a photo that best describes your answer.

Your favorite non-professional photo

Your best professional photo

A photo of your favorite location (destination)

Camp Optional Photo Uploads

For each category below, upload a photo that best describes your answer.

A photo of what your dream job would look like

A photo of doing a favorite activity (Action shot)


You have completed the final step of your Camp NetWorx registration and enrollment. We look forward to meeting you around the virtual campfire!