Thank you for attending the Lights! Camera! Access! How to Leverage Your Disability to Sharpen Your Competitive Advantage workshop.  This form was created to help you gather your information; this is your personal journey, and it is important to review your preferences, consider the decision to disclose, and determine if it’s right for you. You may even choose to send a copy of this Disability Disclosure One-Sheet along with your resume. The choice is yours.


My Disability Information: 

  1. Describe your disability/disabilities.  Provide the name and definition or a plain language description in case someone might be unfamiliar with the disability or disabilities.
  2. Indicate your level of comfort in discussing your disability with someone outside of your circle of family and friends. 
  3. Identify your preference for receiving assistance.  If you prefer to have someone ask before they do something to “assist or help you” then be sure to include a brief statement.
  4. How does your disability or your experience with your disability offer a marketable skill or attribute that might be framed as a competitive advantage?
  5. If possible, create a positive statement that frames your value, or knowledge, skill or ability as a person with a disability that will help you distinguish you as a qualified candidate.

My experience as a person with  ___________________  has been  _____________________________________________________  and because of this experience, I am better able or uniquely qualified to ________________________________________________________.

My Accommodations or Adjustments:

Describe the types of accommodations, adjustments or productivity tools you need to conduct specific tasks or activities. 

This content could include adjustments for:

  • Orientation
  • Training                    
  • Essential job functions


Identify what supports are available through your State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.  Include a trusted online resource with more information regarding your disability.  Include an online resource for learning more about your accommodations, including assistive technologies.

A trusted resource is always the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) at

Contact Information:

Include a short concluding note regarding your interests, their commitment to disability inclusion or accessibility, along with your contact information.


My eye condition can be broken down to simply having arthritis of the eye. My view of the world around me is like looking through a thick gray cloud. I have light perception and I can see colors if they are really bright. In the blind community I would be considered a “total” because for the most part I am not able to make out what things look like. I am open to any questions about my disability and would prefer for people to ask me directly about all things concerning me. My preference is that people ask before assisting me – that way all parties stay completely comfortable in all interactions.

My experience as a person with_______ has __________and because of this experience, I am able to_____.


  • Orientation and Mobility Training: A specialist will come in and show me how to successfully and independently navigate the workplace.
  • Assistive Technology: Jaws, which is a screen reader (voice output) will allow me to use the computer on the job. I would also need to get an “Open Book” scanner so I can scan and then read paper documents.
  • Raised Bumps: I need to label things like the work phone so I can use it independently.
  • Braille Labeler: This will allow me to label files and other materials on the job)


  • In most states, the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, frequently called the Department of Rehabilitation, will pay for all school and workplace accommodations.  This is the case for the items mentioned above.
  • Furthermore, the Department of Rehabilitation will also cover the cost for all additional training.
  • Also, there is a 90-day training period where they will cover my salary while I adapt to the job.

Learn more about my assistive technology at the Job Accommodation Network (