What is the “PMW FieldGuide”?

PMW FieldGuide is an accessible web-based/mobile APP featuring an on-demand “mentoring program handbook” available for the field of peer mentoring practice.


  • Navigation Dashboard – Expandable and Collapsible Menu Interface
  • Mobile APP/PC Functionality – User account accessed “My favorites and My Recently Viewed bookmarks and App Share; Usage Data
  • On-demand Mentoring Tools and Content
  • PMW ActivityGuides
  • PMW AbleDOCS – Downloadable/Printable/Emailable Products
  • PMW Program Supports •PMW Tools – SSI Benefit Calculator
  • Multimedia Content – PMW Learn CTR Training Videos listening and watching; and Interactive Mentoring Scenarios
  • Program Customized Resources – State or Program Specific Content – Restricted by user account

Sign up/Register for the PMW FieldGuide

Step 1.  Go to the PMW FIeldGulde Preview page.

Step 2.  Create/Register for User Account

Step 3.  Select User Account Type:

  • Peer Mentor 
  • Peer Mentor Coordinator
  • VR Program Staff 
  • PMW CoP Guest User

Step 4. Create/Provide  email/username/password. *
             Recommend:  “keep me logged in” feature.

There is an App for that!!!

  1. Once you have created a user account, open an internet browser on your phone and return to the FieldGuide
  2. Download the app from The App Store or The Google Playstore
  3. Install and Open
Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

Beta Test

  • Test Functionality and Stability
  • General Content Crowd Sourcing
  • Test and Add Program or State Specific Content
  • Tool Development:
    1. Fillable Forms Identification and Expansion
    2. Develop Tools for Direct ‘Virtual’ Peer Mentoring
  • Additional Features to be explored:
    1. Case Note Collection
    2. Email Interface
    3. YouTube Channel Content Scenario Interaction