PMW Up Next | Announcements

  • PMW Spring Quarterly CoP:  May 11th, 2022 (1 pm – 2:30 pm). Register for the CoP in May.
  • PMW Peer Mentoring Coordinator YPM Orientation:  May 13th, 2022 (10 am – 2 pm). Contact VR Registration ( complete VR Registration requirements.
  • PMW KSA Peer Mentor Workshop: May 12th (9 am – 12 noon) YPM Peer Mentoring Coordinators may register below.
  • PMW at the Florida Association for People Supporting Employment First (FL APSE) Conference: May 4th – 6th (PMW on May 6th). Register for the People Supporting Employment First Conference.

Peer Mentor

This process starts with a referral from FL DVR Registration for training and certification for new and existing Youth Peer Mentoring (YPM) provider organizations.

Step 1

PolicyWorks/Peer MentoringWorks (PW/PMW) provides YPM Peer Mentoring Coordinator (PMC) Training. This is a 5-hour live web-based training.
Fee: $450

Step 2

Complete the Field Assignment for New YPM provider organizations. This is a 2-hour, live, web-based training.

One-time fee: $250

Step 3

Complete the PMW LearnCTR PMC modules (15) plus the FL Edition of PMW FieldGuide App for YPM PMCs.
Fee: $248

Step 4

Receive a YPMC certificate and provide a copy to VR Vendor Registration.

*New YPM Providers: Complete Steps 1-4.
*Existing YPM Providers: Complete steps 1, 3-4.


This process starts with the registration and scheduling of a Peer Mentor (PM) by a PMC for the PM’s PM training and certification.

Step 1

PM completes the PMW online 14 modules plus the FL Edition of the PMW FieldGuide App for YPM Peer Mentors.

Fee: $225

Step 2

Complete the YPM Peer Mentor (PM) 3-hour, live, web-based training.

Fee: $270

Step 3

Receive YPM Certification and provide a copy to VR Vendor Registration.

*No recertification requirement: There is an optional attendance at any quarterly PMW Community of Practice for FL YPM PMCs and PMs (no cost).

Starting in 2022 – PMCs

Certification term of two years with two options for recertification:

Option 1

One, 3-hour PMW Web-based program update and recertification for PMCs (offered twice a year).
Fee: $230

Option 2  

Registered & documented attendance at a minimum of two 1-hour PMW Community of Practice for YPM per year (offered at no cost quarterly) for FL YPM PMCs and PMs.
Recertification processing fee: $75

Enroll a New Peer Mentor for Training

In order to enroll a new peer mentor for training a youth peer mentoring program must register. In order to register your program, click on the two buttons below.

If you have already registered your program and have already registered as a peer mentoring coordinator, you may register a new peer mentor with the button below.