The PMW LearnCTR is a set of modules, tools and products hosted on an accessible learning management platform.  The learning modules are designed to be employed by State Vocational Rehab Agencies (SVRAs) and Community Rehabilitation Providers (CRPs) to train and certify Peer Mentor Coordinators and Peer Mentors.  Each module includes learning objectives, content lessons, quizzes, YouTube subject matter exploration, plus alternative narrated video formats and assessment surveys.  

The PMW LearnCTR features:

  • Core Learning, Knowledge and Resource Modules for training and certification of Peer Mentor Coordinators and Peer Mentors; 
  • Customized program training and mentoring instruction modules for use in direct service delivery for post-secondary transition support; and,  
  • A web-based mentor field guide with printable and downloadable templates, forms and factsheets.

The PMW LearnCTR is hosted on a full-featured mobile, responsive, and accessible cloud learning management system, fully accessible to learners with varying abilities and multiple learning styles. Learners get the same learning experience no matter what device is used including mobile devices.

The modules may be accessed individually or packaged by a SVRA to create a certification criterion for the roles of Peer Mentor Coordinator or Peer Mentor.  The learning modules are designed to provide basic competencies through a certification program for SVRAs employing a Peer Mentor as part of a strategy to provide instruction in self-advocacy as part of the five required Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) activities as identified in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).  

These modules are currently in use by SVRAs who are implementing Peer Mentoring pilot projects through intensive technical assistance from the WINTAC.   

The PMW LearnCTR includes the following online training and certification courses with supporting activities and materials:

Peer Mentoring Fundamentals

  • Peer Mentor Essentials
  • Role of Self-Advocacy & the Right to Self-Determination 
  • Disability Etiquette 
  • Common Communication Essentials 
  • Attitude and Mindset 
  • Guide to Mentor Communications
  • Time Management 
  • Attitude & Behavior Awareness 
  • Decision-Making Basics

Employment Transition Essentials 

  • Employment & Disability Rights 
  • Employment & Disability Benefits 
  • Employment & Transition Services 

State and Community Resources

  • VR Agency Resource Modules (General/Blind/Combined)
  • Campus and Community Resources

*Ask about optional alternate Peer Mentoring Fundamentals Learning Modules for early Pre-ETS Students (age 14-16) focusing on self-advocacy in IEP with LEAs.   

**State resources modules may be customized upon request. 

A SVRA or CRP may contact PolicyWorks to choose from an “a la carte” menu of PMW LearnCTR elements and package for training and certification protocols designed to meet and exceed their programmatic goals and objectives. To date, over 36 PMW modules have been developed to support the training and provision of Peer Mentoring programs, including customized modules for Alaska, Florida, Maryland, Maine, Mississippi, and Virginia.

New resources and modules are under development focusing on student post-secondary success and retention, youth leadership programs models, and e-mentoring modules designed for virtual mentoring to ensure and enhance the direct delivery of instruction in self-advocacy, Pre-ETS and transition services. The following modules and tools for release in 2020: 

  • Independent Living 
  • Financial Literacy 
  • Disability Self Disclosure  
  • Networking Guide 
  • Mentor Field Guide with field templates and fact sheets
  • Peer Mentor Coordinator Training Guides

Interested in the PMW LearnCTR for Your Organization?

Call on PolicyWorks’ experience providing technical assistance to SVRAs and community service provider networks.  We offer assistance in “on-boarding” an effective Peer Mentoring model and address your training and certification needs. PolicyWorks has experience working with SVRAs community provider networks to build and establish service capacity and offer the PMW Community of Practice to support your operations through professional peer connection and access to Peer Mentoring best practices.