What is the PMW LearnCTR?

The PMW LearnCTR is a library of training modules available on the YesLMS accessible learning management platform. 

To-date, PMW LearnCTR is a library of 40 plus unique peer mentoring program training modules. Each module includes a sequential series of lessons with a follow-up quiz.

Program customized modules and certification packages are available. 

Peer MentoringWorks logo with Learn Center underneath.

The modules are arranged in collections that include:

  • PM Fundamentals
  • Employment Essentials / State and Community Resources
  • Post-Secondary
  • Program Supplementals

PMW Training Modules

PM Fundamentals

  • Peer Mentoring Essentials
  • Role of Self-Advocacy & Self-Determination
  • Disability Etiquette
  • Common Communications Essentials
  • Guide to Mentor Communications
  • Time Management Attitude
  • Behavior Awareness
  • Decision-Making Basics

PM Essentials

Employment Transition

  • Employment & Disability Rights
  • Employment & Disability Benefits
  • Employment & Transition Services

State & Community Resources

  • Campus and Community *
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation*

PM Post-Secondary Supplementals

  • Independent Living
  • Financial Literacy
  • Disability Self Disclosure
  • DOL and ODEP Guidepost for Success
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Attitude and Growth Mindset

PMW Certification Program Support

The PMW LearnCTR comprises of over 40 unique modules that may be packaged and customized for peer mentoring programs to establish competencies for the provision of peer mentoring services that may be used in certification protocol.  

Modules include alternative media formats including YouTube subject matter exploration, peer mentoring tips and techniques, completion quizzes.

Once a SVRA identifies training requirements and PMC and/or PM completes the training requirements and testing, PMW Learning Management System and PMW program staff issue a Certificate of Completion that may be used as part of the onboarding and training program.  

PMW Training Modules are available on-demand through an accessible learning management platform. 

Program Design and Training is available to SVRAs through PolicyWorks and its PMW LearnCTR and ToolSuite.

Peer MentoringWorks training and certification modules were reviewed by WINTAC’s Pre-ETS Subject Matter Experts.
WINTAC’s Peer Mentoring WIPPs included the use of PMW training modules to certify Peer Mentoring Coordinators and Peer Mentors for the provision of peer mentoring service to youth and students with disabilities. 

The accessible PMW LearnCTR supports the peer mentoring Community of Practice:

  • Ensures common self-advocacy and mentoring competencies for the role of Peer Mentoring Coordinator and Peer Mentor. 
  • Provides Peer Mentoring Coordinators and Peer Mentors with the required “Certificate of Completion” to meet SVRA’s on-boarding requirements.  
  • Includes additional tools and supports for mentors and coordinators (PMW FieldGuide, toolkits and templates).