What is the “PMW Networking ActivityGuide?”

The 4-phased 28-page Peer MentoringWorks Networking ActivityGuide is a tool that a person may use when mentoring a youth, student or young adults who wants to create and employ a strategic approach to building their professional, social and community network.

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The strategies and activities outlined in the PMW Networking ActivityGuide were informed through crowdsourcing and workshops from nearly a decade of research and experiences by its author within the disability community.

The Peer MentoringWorks Networking ActivityGuide is a tool to help individuals in creating a networking strategy with follow-on actions to help enhance inclusion success in the community, education, and employment through relationships.  The purpose of the guide is to provide a networking and mentoring model for individuals seeking baseline information or ideas to augment their networking strategy and approach.

Supported Objectives

  1. Learn a four-phase model for structuring and enhancing networking activities to help meet personal objectives.
  2. Access new networking resources and techniques.
  3. Understand how to build confidence in networking through communication techniques.
  4. Create a networking plan and map to organize relationships.
  5. Describe how to identify and request mentors from networking activities.
  6. Identify at least 15 activities to support networking.
  7. Describe creative ways to follow up with individuals after a networking meeting.
  8. Develop a networking and mentoring mindset.
  9. Expand and diversify networks.
  10. Share and enjoy helping others succeed. 

Featured Content

The 4-phased 28-page PMW Networking ActivityGuide includes:

Introduction and Reflections

Phase 1: Preparing to Network

  • Preparing to Network Activities
  • Who is in Your Professional Circle? (reference image to the right)

Phase 2: Building Confidence

  • Building Confidence Activities
  • BRAG! “Take-12” Self-Evaluation Questionnaire for Professionals

Phase 3: Meeting People

  • Meeting People Activities

Phase 4: Following-Up

  • Follow-Up Activities