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Welcome to Camp NetWorx!  Citi Bank in partnership with IndependenceWorks and Peer MentoringWorks is inviting you to participate in a Virtual Camp of discovery, adventure, and storytelling. Join us as we explore the art of storytelling, personal discovery, and network building adventures.  As part of the registration and pre-admission activities to Camp NetWorx, the camp team or your team mentor will be collecting information from each camper through a series of surveys and tools to initiate and develop your camper profiles.  

During camp and between camp events you will continue to build and enhance your personal camper profile.  Each camper will also participate in team activities during camp “campfire” summits and workshops. Each camper will be assigned to a virtual cabin.  Your cabin team will participate in a project that will be shared at the campfire finale.  All team cabin activities and individual activities will be led and supported by your cabin peer mentor and camp peer mentor coordinator.  

Participation in these pre-camp activities is required for you to fully participate in the camp.  Your mentor contact with IndependenceWorks will work with you to collect and initiate the basics of your camper profile.  The primary goals of Camp NetWorx are to discover and explore skills to re-create your social, community, and professional profile to advance your transition to independence and employment.  Let’s have fun and create an experience to remember.

Get your virtual s’mores together and prepare to join your fellow campers around the virtual campfire. 

Email address:

Camp NetWorx! Discovery, Adventure, and Storytelling

Participation in all live camp events is required.  We want you and your fellow campers to benefit from the full participation of each camper.  Your mentor team from IndependenceWorks will work with you individually outside of live camp events to support your full participation in camp activities and team building workshops.  Check your schedule and ensure that you are available for the following camp events: 

Week 1:  Tuesday, Oct 13th 3-6pm and Thursday, Oct 15th 3-5:30pm.  

Week 2:  Tuesday, Oct 20th 3-6pm and Thursday, Oct 22th 3-5:30pm.  

Week 3:  Tuesday, Oct 27th 3-6pm and Thursday, Oct 29th 3-5:30pm.  

Camp NetWorx Campfire Finale:  Thursday, Nov 12th 3-6pm.  

___ I am able to participate in ALL live camp events

Contact Registration

Last Name:

First Name:

What is your age today?

Enter your 10-digit phone number:

Enter your mailing address (Include street/PO Box, City, State, Zip):

Enter the Country you reside in:


What is your preferred personal pronoun?

___ She/her

___ He/him

___ They/them

___ Other

Optional.  Please describe your disability or disabilities? 

Optional.  Please indicate what best describes your racial or ethnic identity:

___ White (e.g., Caucasian, European, Irish, Italian, Arab, Middle Eastern)

___ Black or African-American (e.g., Negro, Kenyan, Nigerian, Haitian)

___ Asian or Asian-American (e.g., Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese or other Asian origin groups)

___ Native American/American Indian/Alaska Native

___ Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian

___ Hispanic/Latino (VOL.) (e.g., Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban)

___ Multi-racial (non-specified)

Current Activities and Interests

Are you currently enrolled and attending school? 

___ Yes

___ No

Select or enter what best describes your current school grade level:

___ Highschool (9th-12th Grades)

___ Trade school, college, or university

___ Currently not enrolled in school

___ Other

Career or employment goal – please describe any career or employment goal that you would like to achieve.  If you are unsure about your career goal indicate an area of interest.  

___ Yes

___ No

___ I am not working currently but I do have employment, volunteer, or internship experience.

In order to participate in a virtual camp on zoom, do you need any accommodations (example: sign language interpreter or C.A.R.T. captioning)? 

___ Yes

___ No

___ I will speak with my mentor at IndependenceWorks

In addition to Zoom, we will be using a common “chat” application during and between live camp events.  The free communication application is called “slack”.   Your mentor will help you discover and support you in the use of this new tool.  Have you ever used slack?

___ Yes, I am really familiar and use it often

___ Yes, I have used it some.

___ No, but I have heard of it and know someone who uses it.

___ No, I have never heard of it but look forward to learning a new tool.

___ No, I have never used it and I would like to have individual assistance in the use of this tool.

Please share anything that the camp project team should know to assist you in full participation in Camp NetWorx.  Include anything that you would like to share about yourself. Camp NetWorx is an inclusive camp with diverse campers and staff.  We strive to support all individuals and to ensure a safe and fun camp experience.  We value confidentiality and self-disclosure, but we encourage you to share and express yourself as openly as possible during camp activities and we will seek to maintain a safe and supportive camp environment for all campers and participants.  WHAT HAPPENS IN CAMP, STAYS IN CAMP!

You have completed step 1 of 3 of your Camp NetWorx registration and enrollment.  Your peer mentor from IndependenceWorks will contact you to support you in completing the next two steps.  We look forward to meeting you around the virtual campfire.