Presentation Elements

Each presentation has four elements.  

  1. Personal Introduction (slide template)
  2. Project introduction (slide template)
  3. Project presentation (Your media)
  4. Disability Expression Cafe Q&A.

A PowerPoint/google slide template is available for download.  It has a slide template for your “Personal Introduction”. This slide will include: A profile photo, your name, media interest, location, education credential, and passion.  The intent of this slide is to provide the LCA audience with a little background about you.

The PowerPoint/google slide template also has a slide for your project introduction.  This is an opportunity for you to describe your project including media type and inspiration.  This is an opportunity to frame your presentation through the lens of “disability expression”.  

The third part of your presentation is your presentation. Your presentation may be a performance, a short video, a poem, a graphic or image, or a testimonial. The media choice and product is your choice. 

Download the PowerPoint/google slide template and populate the slides as needed for parts one and two.  Then you may perform and record your personal and project introduction.  You may do this by recording your slide presentation using a Microsoft PowerPoint program or by recording your video on a zoom platform. 

The ultimate goal is to record your personal introduction, your project description, and your disability expression presentation to be uploaded to the upload link below.  This is to be completed prior to the Expressionist Café.

Members of the LCA support team are available to support you in completing this opportunity.  

Participant Instructions

  1. Download the template slides as a Microsoft PowerPoint template or a Google Slide template.  Download the file and save and rename a copy in your file system.  Please include your name and “LCA Expressionist Cafe” in the file name.  
  2. Using the template available, create and then record your personal and project introduction. 
  3. Finally, upload your “disability expression” project using the Submission Form


Remember you will have 10 minutes for your entire presentation. This means 10 minutes to introduce yourself, your project, and share your Expression. Record yourself giving your presentation. If you need assistance, here are further directions to record yourself along with your slides. Also, feel free to reach out to anyone on the Expressionist Café team.

On the day of the Disability Expressionist Café, you will share your recorded introduction and “Disability Expression Challenge” project with our LCA Community. Each presentation (10 min. max) will be followed by an LCA peer supportive informal comment period (5 min max).

Recording Tips

This set of instructions is not required but suggested if you do not have another way to record you speaking along with your slides.

  1. Use your Zoom account to record your presentation. Anyone can sign up for a free account, so do not worry if you do not already have one.
  2. Create a Zoom meeting and then start the meeting.
  3. When you begin your Zoom meeting, share your screen and press record. Both these features are located at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  4. Then present your presentation. When finished, stop the recording. Then close the meeting.
  5. When stopping the Zoom meeting, the recording will save. This file will either save to your computer or the cloud as the date and time. In this file, the video should have zoom in the name and be an mp4.

Thank you for your interest in the Expressionist Café and we look forward to your performance!

Thank you, Jennifer Msumba!

Check out Jennifer Msumba’s performance of her original song, Dandelion, at a previous Expressionist Café!