What is the PMW TechCTR?

The PMW TechCTR is available to assist State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies (SVRA) and related programs and agencies in their support of youth, students, and young adults transitioning through peer mentoring. 

Peer MentoringWorks Logo with TechCTR under it.

PolicyWorks, through its technical support team and resources, bring experience and support services developed as the legacy of the WINTAC supported Peer MentoringWorks Community of Practice, its LearnCTR and ToolSuite are available to support the design and implementation of peer mentoring programs as an inclusive transition support to individuals with disabilities. 

PMW TechCTR PM Program Customer Support

PolicyWorks and its PMW TechCTR is available to:

  • Support Peer Mentoring Program Design and Implementation
  • Customize Training and Certification bundling for Peer Mentoring Coordinator and Peer Mentor through the YesLMS accessible learning management platform at the PMW LearnCTR
  • Customize tools and resources from it PMW ToolSuite to support your unique peer mentoring program objectives and service supports with:
    • PMW FieldGuide
    • PMW ActivityGuides
    • PMW AbleDOCS