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Your name:

Share a favorite and let us know why you offer that choice. You may share more than one in any category. Please complete as many as possible (At least 7).  You may also add to the list of categories if you would like to share another

Favorite Song:

Why is this song your favorite?  

Favorite Band:

Why is this band your favorite? 

Favorite Music Genre (rap, pop, punk, house, country, rock, classic rock, disco, R&B, jazz, grunge, etc.):

Why is this music genre your favorite? 

Favorite Book:

Why is this book your favorite?  

Favorite Color:

Note:  You MAY use the chart from Glidden and choose color due to its name or color or you MAY choose a common color like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, tangerine, brown, tan, aqua, etc.)

Why is this color your favorite? 

Favorite Movie Type (Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, etc.):

Why is this movie type your favorite? 

Favorite Movie:

Why is this movie your favorite? 

Favorite Video Game:

Why is this video game your favorite? 

Favorite Holiday:

Why is this holiday your favorite? 

Favorite Actor, Celebrity, Artist or person of interest (you can choose more than one):

Why is this person your favorite? 

 Favorite Food Type (Vegetarian, Vegan, Asian, American, French, Italian, Mexican, Cuban, Greek, etc.)  or Dish:

Why is this food type your favorite? 

Favorite Sport:

Why is this sport your favorite?

Favorite Superhero:

Why is this superhero your favorite?

Favorite subject in school:

Why is this subject your favorite?

Prepare to upload pdfs and images:

  • Your Resume
  • Best professional photo
  • Best non-professional/selfie (fun self photo)
  • Vacation or landscape photo (Picture of a location or scenic vacation location, place you have been or would like to visit or something you would like to do)


  • A photo of what your dream job would look like
  • A photo of you doing a favorite activity (Action shot)